A Home-Start Trustee is a volunteer who sits on the Trustee Board. Being a Trustee is all about the governance of the charity - planning how it will achieve its goals. Trustees aren't responsible for the day-today running of the scheme but they do carry out a wide range of duties and are responsible for making the charity effective.

Our Trustees come from all walks of life, bringing their experience and individual skills to Home-Start. The kind of skills that are in demand are business or personnel management, finance and fundraising, IT and communication, but you don't need special qualifications to be a trustee - common sense, flexibility, time, an ability to work as part of a team, a willingness to learn, an understanding of the pressures facing parents today and a genuine interest in supporting parents in your community are just as important to us.

There are parents near you who are struggling to cope and support the children they love so much. Become a Home-Start Trustee and you can make a powerful difference to their lives. Use your experience and skills to guide and oversee our support service for young families going through difficult times. You’ll get so much back.


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